Golf Special

Renowed golf players practise and suggest Martialcombats as the principles are identical. One lears to move in a fluent and loose way and also learns to practise the techniques in a swinging, peppy and energetic manner.

Coordination, looseness and concentration bond and complete the golf sport with Martialcombats in an absolute harmonic way. Martialcombats is an optimal additional and auxiliary training for golf players and helps each player in developing and increasing its personal physical and mental skills.

Thanks to Dr. Daniel Hofer, golf player and director of the Neue Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ), Gilbert Wolf, is offering Martialcombats also specifically for golf players.

Some of the most famous Martialcombats students are:
- Dieter Meier (Yello),
- Ulrich Burgerstein (Burgerstein Vitamins),
- Dr. K. Hannig (H.R. Marketing)
- Gräfin Leila Gangji
- Stephanie-Marie von Fürstenberg (von Fürstenberg-Textilien)
- Mariam Arthur - Michail Rappoport (Stradivari-Ensemble
  Art Director) and many more.