Discover your strengths - Fight your weaknesses
Develop your full potential - Let it flow.

Martialcombats is a self-contained motion concept which consists
of three elements: martial arts, dance, and meditation.

It builds on three motion sequences of increasing difficulty.
You can practice these sequences separately or in a combined fashion. Each sequence is accompanied by a matching,
powerful music.

Energy trapped in the body can be released, allowing you to achieve mental balance and inner focus and centering.

The flow of Martialcombats has an effect on body, mind, and soul.
It boosts the powers of our organism and invigorates our health.

You will strengthen and stretch, in a focused way, each group of muscles. The motions are easy on the joints, and you will need no external appliances. Specific methods of breathing increase your powers of concentration and your stamina.

You can practice Martialcombats anywhere, no matter what your age or your current level of fitness is.